Final Questions about Arendt’s “Auschwitz on Trial”

This is the final installment of frequent questions raised by my students when reading Hannah Arendt’s essay “Auschwitz on Trial,” my responses follow. For Questions 1–5; for Questions 6–10. Question 11: Is it possible that the defendants denied the truth because they didn’t want to accept the truth of the crimes they committed in Auschwitz? […]

Frequent Reactions to Arendt’s “Auschwitz on Trial”

Week 6, Lecture 1 Learning Objectives Identify the arguments made by men on trial in Arendt’s essay “Auschwitz on Trial.” Evaluate these arguments. Here I will present some of the questions I’ve received from students who’ve read Hannah Arendt’s essay “Auschwitz on Trial.” I follow their questions (I’ve anonymized my interlocutors) with my own thoughts […]

Course Schedule

Class Calendar Module 1: “Habitual Modes of Citizenship” Due January 22, 2019. Assessments Review syllabus and syllabus quiz Personal Philosophy Statement Reading Quiz 1 Readings Read and discuss Tompkins, “Some Notes on How To Ask a Good Question about Theory….” L.A. Review of Books’ Avidly, (2016): 1–3. Read and discuss Danielle S. Allen, Talking to Strangers: […]