It me.

I’m a PhD-trained cultural technologist and for the last ten years I’ve been collaborating with and leading creative teams.


As an award-winning designer, I ground my decisions in the empirical data collected and I embrace improvisational techniques for maintaining resilience and adaptability.

My team and I were recognized by HOW, the CMA’s “Best in Collegiate Media,” and several other awards.

Our work has been exhibited in prestigious institutions in North America and Europe. In 2018 we were part of the Swiss exhibition at the London Design Biennale.


As an internationally-recognized researcher, I explore the nature of human relationships and the objects that mediate those. I am an author on a number of highly-cited peer reviewed articles about addiction, neuroethics, and neurotechnologies.


As a professor, I’ve created learner-centered curricula that encourage the cultivation of critical thinking habits and practices.


My creative consulting services include:
• User Experience Research & Design
• Project & Scope Management
• Facilitated Ideation Sessions
• Process Analysis & Design

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