Luck is the residue of design
–Branch Rickey

Creating a solution that enables folks to effortlessly achieve the tasks they set for themselves in a given space is, at heart, a matter of relationship-building.

I’m really into building those relationships.

You can see that in my work as a designer for the Swiss national exhibition at the London Design Biennale:

Dynamic balancing

Through my PhD training I’ve become an expert at crafting research plans with clear objectives and I have developed a robust habit for clarifying scope.

This means that when I plan my projects I understand how to budget the appropriate resources to meet our objectives.

And when it’s necessary to expand that scope?

I reliably account for the increased efforts and resources necessary to move the process forward.

You can see how I did that kind of work here, when I worked on a team to revamp the Fernbank Museum of Natural History’s mobile application:

Testing hypotheses, guided by the evidence, simply efficacious.

My award-winning design work has always been the result of collaborating with smart and generous people and grounding our decisions in a context.

From the noise of that context I find what simply works. You can see some of that at work in my ecommerce microsite short-shorts enthusiasts, Chubbies.

Let’s work together

I want to collaborate with you, so please feel free to reach out.

Where you can find more of my work

My portfolio is here.

My writings have appeared in Addiction Research & Theory, American Journal of Bioethics—NeuroscienceArt Papers, Comparative and Continental PhilosophyNew American Paintings, and Newsweek.

I am an active practitioner whose recent exhibitions include the London Design Bienniale, the Atlanta Biennial, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center (NYC), and the Centre Culturel Suisse (Paris).