On Mentoring

This is a note of gratitude about an unexpected development in my career outside of academia and I share it with you in the hopes it builds your optimism about your career outside of academia.

As I was transitioning out of academia and into anything else I was worried I’d lose one of the dimensions of my professional life I loved as a professor: mentoring.

Being a professor sometimes meant that (typically younger, but not always) other adults shared with me their aspirations and asked me for advice on how to transform their lives. It’s an honor and privilege to be in that situation with someone.

I’ve been very fortunate to land on a team and in a company that encourages its employees to be of service to others. Especially since the start of the Pandemic I’ve felt an intense need to serve. And I’m grateful that the company and each of the folks I report to have shared opportunities to volunteer in our communities.

In just 2021 alone I’ve been able to meet with 55 individuals, several of whom meet with me regularly, to talk about their career and personal goals. I’m really grateful to each of them and also to the folks who’ve made time to mentor me.

If you’d like to meet with me, please book a time on my calendar at ADPList.