UX Careers & Kungfu [Video]

https://youtu.be/pKmFKXK2WVs Earlier this year I posted a bunch of words that I used as part of my talk at the UX Hustle Summit. Now you can enjoy the dulcet tones of my voice and video of my Covid grief beard. My sincere thanks to Abriel Shipley and the organizers of the UX Hustle Summit this [...]

Reflecting on a Year of Death

The Verge has published a memorial for my friend, Molly. The Covid-19 Pandemic began for me, in earnest, when my friend called me and told me that Molly had killed herself. I was in the office and I got the call. In my lectures, when I was a professor of Philosophy and Art History, I [...]

Modes of Knowledge-Making and Identity Politics

Adrian Piper, Catalysis III, Documentation of the performance,1970, Photographs by Rosemary Mayer, Collection Thomas Erben, New York © Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation Berlin; via whitehot magazine. What follows are my lecture notes for my class on Contemporary Art at Georgia State University. During this class we were discussing Carrie Mae Weems, Kara Walker, Betye [...]