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  • Some Notes from Mentoring in 2021

    Some Notes from Mentoring in 2021

    In 2021 I joined the ADPList’s community of mentors and I’ve had the privilege to meet with more than 60 folks through that platform. I was pleasantly surprised that my efforts there would lead to me being named a “Top 10 Mentor in North America” by the ADPList community. By the Numbers I estimate that…

  • Philosophy, UX Research, Everything

    Philosophy, UX Research, Everything

    The impressive folks at UX Wizards invited me to join them on their podcast. You can listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, or visit the podcast site. I had a really lovely time talking with them about a range of topics from how my training in Philosophy has been valuable for my UX work,…

  • Transitioning from Academia to User Research

    Transitioning from Academia to User Research

    It was a real pleasure to join the User Research Atlanta Meetup group earlier this week to talk about the experiences of some folks I know who’ve made the move from academia into UX.

  • Ars Contexualis and UX

    Ars Contexualis and UX

    Ambiguity kills everything in User Experience (UX) design and research. And yet, the field itself is perplexingly ambiguous, “With the lack of consistency and simplicity in how we define UX, we’ve stripped it of its meaning and, more importantly, reduced the job to a mere buzzword,” as Yazin Akkawi states. For example, what is the…